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Many people have a dream to arrange a wardrobe in a separate room. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such luxury. However, there is no reason to worry. Even if we have a small apartment, we do not have to give up the practical wardrobe. Thanks to modern arrangement solutions, we are able to easily organize an additional place for storing jackets, coats or seasonal clothing - quickly and at a low cost.

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Dressing room in a small hall or narrow corridor

Dressing room - depending on the size of the living space and personal preferences - can be arranged in the hall. A set with a wardrobe, a panel with a shelf and an optional shoe cabinet will work perfectly here. In the Mebline online store you can find solid wardrobes for small apartments. We can buy a ready furniture set or a single item from a given collection.

A functional and extremely elegant solution for small apartments is a compact wardrobe with a mirror from the MAX M collection, measuring 90x195x40 cm. The proposals also include slightly lower models, including, for example, a wardrobe measuring 101x71x40 cm (SMART collection).

To best use space in a small hall, it is worth choosing a spacious wardrobe that will be high to the ceiling. The ideal solution can be the wardrobe GAMMA with a mirror with a height of 213 cm. In such a closet we can fit not only outer clothing, but also a vacuum cleaner, iron or ironing board.

Hallway furniture Gamma

Arrangement of the hall should allow free movement around the apartment, so it is worth to carefully develop every square centimeter of space. If there are alcoves or non-functional bevels in the hall, let's use them choosing furniture of the right size.

Small wardrobe in the bedroom

If we do not have space in the hall, we can integrate a practical wardrobe with a mirror into the bedroom space. In addition to traditional wardrobe models with a narrow wardrobe, drawers and a hanger, we have a choice of built-in wardrobes with mirrors. The white wardrobe from the ANTER 1 collection will be a perfect complement to the modern bedroom decor.

Hallway furniture Vista 200 sonoma

A perfect wardrobe is one that has a lot of shelves and storage rails. Aesthetic values are also important, which is why the offer of Mebline store does not lack designer models that please the eye and do not overwhelm with their form.

What to consider when buying a wardrobe for a small room?

The dimensions and aesthetics of a given model play a key role. Let's remember that thanks to simple tricks you can optically enlarge and brighten the interior. Just use the potential of mirrors and bright colours such as white, beige and grey.

The Mebline online store is a place where you can find fashionable and cheap wardrobes made of the best quality materials. Thanks to this, we have a guarantee that they will serve us for many years.

Are you looking for a practical wardrobe for a small interior? The Mebline team will be happy to help you to choose the perfect arrangement solution.