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Helvetia Furniture is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland. For over 25 years, it has specialized in the production of bedroom sets: wardrobes, dressers, beds, bedside tables, as well as furniture for the living room or wall units.

Interesting and modern design combined with high quality makes Helvetia furniture enjoy recognition both in Poland and throughout Europe. The company's greatest assets are the latest technologies, a highly qualified crew and materials used in the production process.

Helvetia multi-element furniture is perfect for every apartment, because it combines modernity, functionality and beautiful appearance in a coherent way. Timeless shapes, practical solutions and the most fashionable colours create an impressive whole that will delight both household members and all guests.

A characteristic feature of the presented collection is a simple form with a perfect finish to all the details and original colour combinations perfectly matching the latest trends present in design.

Most of the collections are dominated by furniture in a light colour, which perfectly matches contemporary design. The simple form of the furniture allows for unlimited space arrangement options, and their rich selection gives a wide selection of different layouts in the dining room or living room.

Among the assortment you will find beds and bedrooms, chests of drawers, sliding wardrobes and elegant wall units that allow you to create your dream creation.

Furnishing should have a practical function and at the same time be a decoration of the space, that's why in Helvetia furniture you will find a number of innovative solutions, including tempered glass, high-quality membrane film, and a perfect balance between full and glazed elements. The perfect complement to the whole is energy-saving, discreet LED lighting enabling the interior to match the circumstances and your mood.